Yes, Scrapabill’s source of revenue is from advertising sponsorship, a commission from ads activation fees and a portion of membership subscriptions. We also try to generate revenue through our Google Adsense account.

Apart from supporting the activities of its members, Scrapabill has introduced an affordable method of advertising that drives traffic to sell your products, and services while helping you raise funds to pay your bills.

You have to upgrade your account status from a promo or free membership to a sole or business member. Free members do not have full messaging privileges.

Yes, sole and business members are free to chat and message each other.

Scrapabill is a social network platform that helps you connect with people to raise funds from wherever you live to pay bills and eliminate debt together while promoting and patronizing each other's products and services.

Scrapabill was founded on July 7th, 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

You have seven business days from the time payment is received to cancel the service and get a full refund less the processing fee. Requesting for a refund three consecutive times will ban you for further ads activation or becoming a member of Scrapabill.

Chargebacks are taken very seriously and often treated as a fraudulent transaction. So if we experience a chargeback in any of your payment methods, your account will be deactivated immediately pending the outcome of our investigation.

You log into your membership account with your password information or through any of your social network accounts and then click "verify now."

To fully verify your profile and be able to transfer funds to your Scrapabill payment card, you will need a valid email address, phone number, contact address and government-issued IDs such as driver’s license or passport.

Login to your account with your current email address or user name and password. Go to "My Account," click "Profile" and then "Edit Password."

Go to the login page and click "Forgot Password." Enter your email address or email ID we have on file. If you forgot your email ID, contact us with your profile details.

1. Login to your account. 2. Click "Scrapabill red button" 3. Select “Bill” and ensure you have the bill information handy. 4. Complete the form without any blanks. 5. Go to your pending bills, click “Activate” and proceed to payment.

No, the system suggests friends that live within your area to connect with you. But if you find our services helpful, your account marketing tools enable you to invite friends to join Scrapabill from anywhere worldwide.

Scrapabill members living in Canada, the USA, and other supported countries can have legal protection through our membership plan without incurring additional cost to consult with a lawyer or attorney during a crisis or dispute with a third party.

No, legal notice is for people who notify Scrapabill about possible infringements on their rights or violation of local, state and international laws while legal coverage is for Scrapabill members to meet their legal needs and obligations.

It covers free consultation for various legal issues including business, family, criminal, litigation, wills & estate, real estate, insurance, employment, immigration, contract, personal injury, taxation and sending letters or drafting documents for you.

1. Login to your account 2. Click Scrapabill red button. 3. Select the type of ad you would like to activate. 4. Fill out the form without any blanks and make sure you upload correct and clear images. 5. Go to your “Pending Ads,” click “Activate

Yes, you or Scrapabill can deactivate or suspend your account for whatever reason.

Login to your account and click marketing tools.

Yes, you will always receive notifications about our services and activities relating to your account.

Create an account by clicking "Join for Free" and use your email address, Facebook, Google, Twitter or Linkedin accounts. It is always free to join Scrapabill.

You must be at least 13 years old to create an account with parental supervision. To activate bills and ads on Scrapabill, you must be at least 18 years old.

You are a supporter or loyalist to the member that has the bill. When you make payments to activate an ad, the amount goes towards the friend's bill or capital for a project.

Bill followers consist of the number of members advertising just like you to Scrapabill. Ads followers are those interested in your business services, products or lifestyle.

The Scrapabill payment card is currently in Canadian dollars (CAD) so don't forget the currency conversion rate when making a bill payment in your country of residence.

Yes, once we open a service center in your country, the Scrapabill payment card can be issued in the currency of your country.

No, you must upgrade your plan from sole to business membership. Business members with at least one location listing are entitled to attract clients using the platform for customer loyalty.

It's a particular name and address linked to where you conduct business and your customers can reach you, walk-in to make inquiries, visit or patronize you. Multiple business locations mean having more than one address.

If you noticed unusual behavior and changes to your account and you didn't make these changes, contact us immediately.

Keep your login information secret and use passwords with a combination of words, numbers, and symbols. Always log out of your account especially after using public computers.

JPEG, PNG, GIF. Ensure you use high resolution and clear images.

No, images and photos containing ads can be posted only through activation. Click the red button "Scrapabill" to activate ads.

The free, sole and business are the three (3) membership plans on Scrapabill. Each comes with unique privileges and rewards.

To review the pricing and corresponding privileges for each membership plan, log into your account and click "Upgrade." Membership can be paid quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

Yes, provided your intent is not to impersonate, claim or suggest that you are a staff, employee, partner, or have a direct affiliation with Scrapabill, you can use our logo and brands for marketing and promotional purposes.

Trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets

Do not plagiarism, duplicate, copy other people's work without permission from the owner. Do not reveal trade secrets to others. Logos, photos, designs, illustrations, concepts, and contents are some examples. Read our code of conduct for Do's and “Don'

We accept major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Other acceptable methods of payments are being established with financial institutions.

No, we are currently not accepting Bitcoin or any crypto-currencies as a payment method.

All activated ads are renewable quarterly while the membership plans can be renewed quarterly, semiannually or annually.

1. Login to your account 2. Click Scrapabill red button. 3. Select type of ad to activate. 4. Fill out the form without leaving any blanks and ensure you upload correct and clear images. 5. Go to “Pending Ads,” then click “Activate.”

Yes, you can suspend or deactivate your account for whatever reason.

Yes, they are always your current bill followers.

The company is being managed and controlled by the founders and non-executive advisory board members with backgrounds in business, technology, law, management, engineering, marketing, finance, accounting, coaching and consulting.

Yes, we provide membership services to families, entrepreneurs, professionals, students, parents, consumers, homeowners, real estate agents and other groups of people worldwide.

Yes, private investors are welcome from any parts of the world. Please complete our contact us form to express your interest in any business or investment opportunities.

Yes, the current Scrapabill brands are the Scrapabill social network, Scrapabill web solutions, business listings management, and the Scrapabill payment card. Other brands may not be listed here.

We are registered, trademarked and licensed to operate from Canada, one of the safest, civilized and developed countries in the world. We adhere to strict local and international regulatory policies which protect everyone that use our services.

No, Scrapabill is currently a privately held management company founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our corporate registration number is: BC1125944 and Business Number: 704885326BC001.

Yes, the Scrapabill trademark registration has been official in Canada and applications are being prepared for other supported countries.

No, we currently do not carry or have any inventory or products in stock.

No, Scrapabill is not a financial institution. We provide membership social network crowdfunding service to help users raise funds to pay bills, cover living expenses, eliminate debt, startup and grow a business.

No, Scrapabill is a private profit-driven membership social network that brings communities together to eliminate debt and make life easier for its members.

Yes, you can join Scrapabill from anywhere you live around the world. However, our payment card primary currency will be in Canadian dollars until we have established a service center in your country.

Scrapabill policies include a privacy policy, data protection policy, cookie policy, security & safety policy, refund policy, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy, spam policy, terms of service and the Scrapabill code of conduct and business ethics.

To ensure that funds are being given to verified member profiles and used for the right purpose in line with our corporate objectives. Accounts will be deactivated, blocked and reported to authorities for abuse, suspicious, and fraudulent activities.

Your account may be suspended or deactivated pending when our compliance department completes its investigation that your actions were unintentional.

You are responsible for any chargebacks associated with the payment method or credit card used for the transaction towards your membership account. Please note that all chargebacks are considered fraud and dealt with accordingly.

You have a maximum of 7 days to cancel. Scrapabill may not charge you any fee within these periods, but there will be a small percentage merchant processing and cancellation fees, which is beyond our control.

You may lose your benefits and rewards as well as the ability to transfer funds into your bill payment card and care cash account. You may also lose your current bill followers to other members

Yes, you can gain access to your accumulated funds raised after you have paid the reactivation or membership plan fee and your account is in good standing.

We won’t recommend it. You may lose all your followers yet still have to complete the bill scrapping process while another activation fee will be required to reactivate the bill.

The amount we receive from you goes into the member account you are following divided into your bill payment and care cash account and less Scrapabill commission.

It prevents system and administrative overload and enables channeling the follower activation fee to the right bill without confusion while adhering strictly to the AML limits set on the payment card.

Yes, however, you must upgrade your plan to a business member to activate business bills and expenses or even receive project funding.

Yes, but the good news is that you end up getting the money back from your followers' advertising payments when you scrap a bill.

The ads activation fee is used to raise funds to cover bills, expenses and start or grow your business. The membership plan fee covers privileges, operating, administrative and maintenance cost.

Likes, comments, and private information shared with friends and followers are postings. No fee is required. Announcements, products or services advertised to create awareness requires an ad activation fee.

You may have violated Scrapabill terms of service, policy or reported for abuse and perhaps infringed on someone intellectual property.

Bills, business listings, classified ads, events, videos, banners, and articles require an activation fee.

We recommend upgrading your membership plan as soon as possible especially after you have scrapped your first bill or would like to get your business listed.

No, you can only upgrade and cannot downgrade between membership plans.

Yes, sole members can receive accumulated care cash, but they must first upgrade to a business membership plan to fund projects.

You have not verified your contact information and government-issued ID.

Yes, businesses that are scrapping large amounts of bills and receiving care cash for various projects may be subject to our internal verification process to ensure they are operating legally and have the required license and registration papers.

Partial verification confirms that your email address and phone number are authentic. Your driver's license, passport or other acceptable government-issued identification must be checked to show full verification status.

Scrapabill verifies your profile to comply with our AML policy of Know-Your-Customer, which enables us to keep our platform safe and secure from fraudulent activities and abuse.

You won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of our services. Your profile status will show “unverified member” to other users. You cannot initiate a transfer from your funding account to your Scrapabill payment card.

You won’t be visible to other users on the platform.

Upload a quality, professional photo or image of yourself, enter a true and correct email, contact address, and phone number. Ensure you don’t leave any blank spot on the form.

Log into your account and on top left-hand corner click the image area above your name.

You will immediately be visible to other users and can appear on searches and friends recommendation.

Advertising sponsorship is the process where an amount is made during a specific period for your company logo to appear on the home page, high traffic area of our website and you are labeled as one of our support and trusted companies.

Fill out our contact us form to express your interest in sponsoring an ad and support Scrapabill services. You can also indicate your interest in sponsorship during your business listing.

Advertising on Scrapabill requires that you first activate a bill. 1. Log into your account then Click Scrapabill. 2. Select the advert category from the list. 3. Fill out the form. 4. Upload an image, photo or banner. 5. Make a payment.

No, it comes with your Scrapabill sole or business membership plan. You can write on any acceptable and approved topics you choose, without limits, to promote your personal and business interests.

Articles promote products and services, "Purchase a new product from my business" or "my business supplies the best home appliances. Blogs promote ideas and interests, “25 business ideas in the new year” or “How to write a book in 10 days.”

Meet, connect, chat and follow people on social media to draw awareness towards your products and services by first activating a bill for fundraising to cover expenses, eliminate debt, startup and grow your business.

Legally register your business and be able to give a special offer or reward to other members who patronize you. Ensure your business membership plan is always in good standing.

Yes, it is mandatory that you consider the type of reward or benefit you will offer Scrapabill members before listing your business on the platform. It can draw traffic, promote customer loyalty and boost sales.

It enables us to refer customers to your business through our customer loyalty program, manage your listings in other platforms and you receive accumulated care cash to fund your business projects.

You can generate customer leads and get SEO report with monitoring features on your business listings.

Currently, Canada and the USA are the only countries other platform listings can occur. More supported countries are under development.

Like every other ad activation, business listing activation expires every three months. You can reactivate your listings from your account before the expiration date.

Yes, there is a charge to activate a business listing on the Scrapabill platform. However, your plan comes with one free location listing on platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp, Bing, and Yellow pages with SEO and reputation management tools.

You will get listed on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Map, Bing, Facebook, and others, which comes with management tools for generating leads, local SEO and business reputation reports.

By upgrading your plan to a business member and then activating as many business locations as you want.

You are entitled to one listing with your business membership plan. Any additional business locations will incur a cost per listing.

Your bill is deemed scrapped once you have raised the amount on the receipt, invoice, statement, loan or payment order activated on the platform. You won't have to worry about covering for the expenses of that bill anymore.

Yes, you can reactivate a bill with a different date, same issuer, and amount, but they just can't be activated at the same time, at once or simultaneously.

You can scrap paper or electronic receipt, invoice, statement, loans, fines or payment order that proves it's a bill received from a third-party or money spent on purchasing products or services.

Virtually, every upfront cost you can think of which include your total bill amount, ads activation fee, membership upgrade cost, and Scrapabill commission are all covered during the bill scrapping process.

The friends who became your followers indirectly cover every cost you incurred during the bill scrapping process. The system is designed for your friends to be happy to follow your bills.

The list is endless. You can scrap mortgages, rent, insurance, leases, phone bills, staff salaries, personal care, groceries, repairs, loans, daycare, gas receipt, medical bills and so forth with all documented proof of payments or amount owe.

No limits to the number of bills, but you must activate and scrap each of your bills, one after the other. Double bill activation is prohibited.

Unless you are a family member living together or a business partner, you cannot activate and scrap someone else bill. Create your account then invite friends to follow you.

No, bill icons are used to protect users info from public access. Wipeout personal information from your bill. If you would like to share real copies with your friends, use your account privacy settings.

Most bills contain private information such as driver's license number, social security or insurance number and home address; icons are used to protect this information from public access, which inevitably protects our members from ID theft and abuse.

The care cash is a separate accumulated fund that goes towards helping business members to raise capital for business projects such as start-up, expansion, and growth.

Log into your account with your password information and then Click “My Funds”

The bill payment balance is an accrued amount for members to pay for regular bills while the care cash is an available amount for businesses to pay for long-term projects and fixed expenses.

Yes, the care cash is a separate accumulated fund that goes towards helping business members to raise capital for business projects such as start-up, expansion, and growth.

Scrapabill makes the payment for the expenses on behalf of the business member. The negotiation can be done either by Scrapabill or the business member with a vendor who is also part and beneficiary of the Scrapabill business network.

Not necessarily, but we do prefer vendors who are Scrapabill business members and have passed through our profile verification process.

No, any amount you receive from Scrapabill either for bill payment or care cash is all yours. You don’t have to pay it back because they are funds raised on the platform through social advertising.

Funds are transferred within 14-business days to your bill payment card after you have raised an initial amount of $1,000 and have made a request.

The followers required to scrap a bill has no limits. Consider each of your followers to be precious money in the bank.

Yes, you are free to follow one bill until it gets scrapped and be a follower of other ads, as often as you want.

Log into your account and under my activity Click "Followers"

The followers of your scrapped bills are no longer obligated to follow you. However, through our system friend suggestion and marketing tool, you can attract and invite new followers.

Log into your account and click "Invite Friends."

You become friends to the member first before you can follow their bill. Followers fund your bills, but you can turn friends into your followers. Just like the saying, "How can we be lovers, when we can't be friends."

No, you won't receive funds if you don't have bill followers, but one thing is clear, for every bill you activate, there will probably be dozens of followers available on the platform waiting to follow you.

Scrapabill may suspend your account until investigation about the report is validated and completed.

All legal notices are sent by mail to the address on our contact us form page, Attention: Legal Department, Scrapabill Management Ltd.

Yes, we have legal professionals, including Lawyers, Attorney, Immigration Consultant, Barristers, and Solicitors representing us in India, Canada, and the United States.

Yes. Promo or free members can receive accumulated care cash. Just like the sole members, they must upgrade to a business membership plan to fund a business project.

Having in your possession a valid Scrapabill payment card with your name printed on it and government-issued picture identification that matches your name shows that you are a verified member of Scrapabill.

Copy and paste the HTML code into your website. Send URL link to friends and associates. Share information about our services on social media. “Invite friends” by sending emails and text messages to the people you know.

Your Scrapabill payment card will come with an envelope that contains a secret PIN used to make payments at millions of merchant locations and ATM withdrawals worldwide

The length of time it takes will depend on your country of residence, the method of shipment and card availability. Generally, it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days for a resident of Canada and the USA or within 14 to 30 days for others.

Yes, you can withdraw a limited amount of cash only in cases where your vendors, merchants or bill creditors do not accept card payments. You should be able to back up your cash payments or withdrawals with the receipt, invoice or statement.

Your Scrapabill payment card is probably inactive. You must be a verified member or cardholder to use the card. If your card was activated yet not working, perhaps it is blocked or restricted. Please contact us to rectify any issues.

Your Scrapabill payment card can be used to make payments in over 195 countries around the world. If you have a Scrapabill MasterCard or Visa Card, you can make payments with it wherever those cards are accepted.

Yes, ensure you present a valid driver’s license with another form of ID to the car rental representative. The Scrapabill payment card can be used to make every kind of payments around the world.

After you have raised an accumulated minimum initial amount of $1,000 or its equivalent currency, you can place an order for a Scrapabill payment card from your account.

Yes, you can access the cardholder’s agreement here

Only the sole and business members are entitled to a Scrapabill payment card without additional cost.

Yes, there are some fees when withdrawing cash at ATM, making payments at a merchant location as well as currency conversion rate.

For security reasons, all cards are mailed from the service center to your contact address so make sure we have your correct address on file. However, we can make a special arrangement for you to pick up your card if necessary.

The loading limit is determined based on the info you provided during your bill and financial questionnaire completion on your total number of household or business bills amount. Generally, the higher the amounts, the higher your card limits will be.

Yes, you can order more than one payment card for yourself, a spouse, and dependent children from the same household or business partners operating under the same business name.

Yes, there is a one-time cost of $75 in Canadian dollars or its equivalent currency to order additional cards, which is renewable yearly at the same price.

No, the Scrapabill payment card cannot be issued, resold or retailed to a third party and you won’t be able to load funds into it other than funds coming from Scrapabill and its related brands.

To pay bills and shop online, to receive benefits and rewards, a gift card to attract clients and help others, and payroll for salaries or commission agents.

No, you cannot make any card-to-card money transfer with the Scrapabill payment card. The card is designed to make bill payments and not to transfer funds between parties.

Fill out our contact us form and send us a detailed message to customer support to investigate why you haven’t received your Scrapabill payment card.

Contact us immediately to cancel the lost or stolen card. After cancelation, you will be sent a new card and charged a replacement fee. The balance from your old payment card will be transferred to your new card after you have activated it.

A valid email, contact phone number, and mailing address. However, if you want to gain access to full service, you will need to verify a piece of ID, preferably a driver's license or passport along with your contact information.

Yes, ensure that the name you are using to create these accounts is yours and you have a valid government issued ID and contact information.

Yes, you will receive a verification code or confirmation link in your email address or phone number.

Our corporate objective and policy is unique and different. We are established to use social advertising to raise funds for families, entrepreneurs, students, and other groups of people worldwide to eliminate debt.

Yes, they are only available to business members who have high volumes of scrapped bills to pay.

All activated ads are renewable quarterly; every three months while the membership plans can be renewed quarterly, biannually or yearly

Your membership privileges will all be suspended and cancelled.

You have three months to scrap your activated bill.

No, the cost to activate a bill is $25 or equivalent. It cost the same amount for classifieds, business listings, events, articles, and commercial videos. Banner activation cost $95.

Yes, you must first activate a bill for the member you are following to receive funds. We believe that you, being a part of the high percentage of the world's population, (currently over 7 billion people on earth) has bills to pay.

Your bill is activated in the currency the invoice, receipt or statement the bill was issued. Until a service center is open in your location, the conversion rate will apply during activation, bill payment, and withdrawals.

Once you begin to activate bills or ads and suddenly stop, letting your account to be inactive, the privileges and benefits you receive are withdrawn.

1. Log into your account. 2. Go to “My Account” on the right-hand corner, then “Profile.” 3. Click "Edit" to Change Password. 4. Enter your New Password.

1. Log into your account. 2. Go to “My Account” on the right hand-corner, then “Settings.” 3. Click “Deactivate Account.

1. Log into your account. 2. Go to “My Account” on the right-hand corner, then “Settings.” 3. Go to “Privacy" 4. ”Click “Profile.”

1. Log into your account. 2. Go to “My Account” on the right-hand corner, then “Settings.” 3. Go to “Privacy" 4. ”Click “Post.”

1. Log into your account. 2. Go to “My Account” on the right-hand corner. 3. Click "Invite Friends"

Log into your account. Under "My Account" section, you will be able to see your friends list and followers.